Get the zero-dependency, single-file tailtub tool now and start sharing.

Use Cases

Share logs to non-ssh users. is fantastic for debugging client HTTP requests. Conversely, TailTub is great for giving testers a window into how their API requests are being processed after hitting the server.

# Create a tailtub url

> tail -f application.log | grep user_5 | tailtub

# share the URL with a tester

# In your application logic..

MyLogMethod('user_5 GET /users/1 input : ' + json_encode($input) );

# now the tailtub bather will only see log out put that matches user_5

Monitor long-running processes on the go.

Tailtub is mobile friendly. Create a TailTub process that alerts you of errors and warnings. Then bookmark the tailtub link on your mobile.

> tail -f error_log | tailtub

# bookmark the URL on your mobile


The Who & Why

Stephen Rhyne TailTub Creator Howdy! I'm Stephen Rhyne. I live between Austin and San Antonio.

For the last 6 years I've been building and growing and All the while, I've been dreaming about building tools that empower fellow developers (vs the less technical audiences I have right now). I've struggled to believe my own gut feelings about industry trends and opportunities. TailTub is my first attempt to bring value to the developer community and man does it feel good!

If you are a developer looking to build tools and products for others, I would love to hear from you! Oh, and thanks for checking out TailTub.

What's Next for TailTub

Here are some ideas I'm toying with...

  • Automatic parsing of JSON, print_r, var_dump, inspect etc formatted variables
  • Advanced filtering in the browser
  • Authenticated tubs
  • Webhooks! If X number of instances match in the last minute send to Zapier or something like that..
  • Embedded, whitelabel tubs! A user starts a long running process like an import. You embed the TailTub link right into the page to show the user progress on the import! Supes' easy real-time log!
  • How will you use it?